& Other Stories: Bringing Scandinavian chic to the streets of Manchester

So, here’s the deal: I’m addicted to Scandinavian fashion. Specifically Swedish fashion.

I come from London, so I am so used to being in a close proximity of my favourite brands such as Monki, Cheap Monday, COS and in this case, & Other Stories. Once I made the move from London to Manchester in December 2015, these places which I once sought comfort in were now…gone.

This is until about a month ago when taking an evening stroll (when we actually had good weather) I saw a store space in a corner boarded up with white planks with the logo and SS16 promo shoots. I was ecstatic. And you know what? I waited until the day Stories opened more enthusiastically than when Tyga waited for Kylie to turn 18.

On the day of the anticipated opening (12 noon on the 17th June) I left my office at quarter to noon and there was actually a queue! I think this was probably my southern ignorance, but hey, it was popular! Whilst us ladies were waiting in the queue, staff were going from person to person offering complimentary mixed nuts in special & Other Stories packaging (of course). It was advertised that Stories were giving away goodie bags for the first 50 customers, and I was one of them! There were also apple and rhubarb juices in Stories belly bands. The store looked emaculate, more similar to the store in central Stockholm than the one in London.



What was in the goodie bag you ask? A lavender body souffle, which is the Stories equivalent of a Body Shop body butter some may say. Needless to say, the experience was fabulously scandichic, and to sweeten me up that bit more, there’s also a sale on at the moment in store.

So what does this mean? Well first of all my wallets going to take a beating.



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