Been there done that: Charlotte Tilbury Leggendary Lashes Review

Whilst watching GlamLifeGuru’s (Tati) ‘$107 PALETTE + MASCARA | WTF’ video, she at one point applies Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes mascara and I was in shock.


Tati is like me. Her lashes are: short, thin and cannot hold a curl. I have been using Dolly Wink’s lengthening mascara for quite some time – which is fine, but not perfect. Well, it started to dry up, so as pay day came around why not indulge?

There are a handful of Charlotte Tilbury stockists in Manchester, I chose to visit Selfridges on my lunch break. I was pretty relieved with it being priced at £24.00 – similar to the price of a Benefit mascara (which I do not get along with at all).

I know blah, blah, blah, you wanna see the results don’t you? Well here they are:




Just for perspective, here’s an image of me with my Dolly Wink mascara on the right, and Legendary Lashes on the left.



As amazing as this makes my lashes look, it really did smudge on my eyes. Going forward I will not be wearing this on my lower lashes, though throughout the day checking on my upper lid for smudging.



  • Super duper black
  • Kardashian worthy length
  • Volume for days
  • Bambi eyes


  • smudge 😦

Overall, I am still on my eternal search for the perfect mascara for me, but for now this is pretty close.


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