& Other Stories: Sale Edition

Just like you, when I hear the word sale, my eyes widen and my pupils dilate. Whilst I was in Sweden I found a few good finds in & Other Stories there, but it wasn’t enough. On that night, I took to online shopping.

The sale online is really great, but of course this late in the sale you will come across certain items of clothing that just aren’t your side. It’s okay; your bank account will thank you for that.

Here were my great finds:

The cross strap sandals I saw in the Stories store in Stockholm, however they only had them in a 36 – I do own a par of cross strap sandals from Stories in a 36 so I knew this would not be an issue, but I wasn’t 100% sold on that day. When I went back a few days later they were GONE! Naturally I searched for these beauties online.

I am quite surprised to see that the zip up sneakers are sold out because they felt a tad bit too big, but the foot hole(?) seriously dug into my ankle in a way that I just did not want to break them in; and in the same vein I knew that when I break them in, they will be far too big by that point. Just was not worth the fuss.

The white blazer was not only too big (34 sold out) but the shoulder pads were HUGE!

Do you see the resemblance?

Also, the photograph do the ‘pads no justice, they were so much bigger in person.

All in all, the sale is great, sizes and items are however dwindling down, and I am pretty sure that the items I have mentioned here are very close to selling out.

Thank god for free returns.


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