Anti-Matte: L’Oreal Colour Riche Made For Me Intense lipstick – 254 Kiss & Blush Review&Swatches

Matte lips. We’ve been seeing a lot of this everywhere, it’s the 2016 buzzword. We’ve even seen Avon commercials claiming their “matte lipsticks are more matte than mac”. They’re just not for me, my lips dry out so easily and being that I work in an office environment this doesn’t help my case.

I love the feel of silky and moisturised lips, and with matte lipsticks (even with a lip balm base!) my lips flake – and I am sure I am not the one. So, for all of you ladies who are anti-matte, L’Oreal Colore Riche lipsticks are made for you.

I was searching on Amazon for a lipstick with a high Lanolin content, and this particular product had Lanolin listed as its first ingredient:


Lanolin is great because it is ultra thick and gives you long lasting moisture which is not greasy/slippery.You know, like the kind of greasy/slippery which leaves you with dry lips a few minutes later.

This lipstick is a very sheer, soft pink pearlescent colour. It is not the king of pearlescent which screams Britney Spears circa 2001. It has fine shimmer particles which work in a way that volumises the lips.

All in all if you’re anything like me and suffer from dry lips , you will greatly benefit with this in your life.

Stay kissable 👄


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