What is FriendsFest really like?

Coffee houses, rent controlled apartments, and bad dates. The TV show that captivated a decade has finally made a come back in the form of a festival.

Now, I love Friends  it has to be one of my most loved shows. I had first heard about FriendsFest last year, however, I heard about this through a Facebook status from The Stylist and by then all tickets had sold out.

Being that I also “like” the Friends page of Facebook I got an update that FriendsFest would be returning! I scurried over to the website and signed myself up to the mailing list so I would KNOW when to buy my tickets. I was definitely going this year.

If you’re reading this, you’re a Friends fan. You’re also probably asking yourself “what is FriendsFest? What exactly happens?“. Fear not, because I also did not know what I was in for. But I didn’t care. All I knew was that you could book a time slot in for a tour around Monica’s apartment.

When I finally arrived to FriendsFest in Haggerston Park I was… slightly underwhelmed. It was cute, sure! But it wasn’t £24-a-ticket cute. The best way I can describe the event is that it recreated classic sets and moments from the show that you could actively partake in, and take photos with your best buds.


The “sets” that were made ranged from were:

Rachel and Ross’ Vegas wedding chapel – here you could dress up as an Ancient Roman or a bride. Me and my “bride” had a few options to choose from!


Central Perk – there was even a live performer singing all of Phoebe’s songs!

The intro scene…


Joey and Chandler’s Apartment – and the Lazy Boys were totally as comfortable as they seem on the show.


Hey, remember Mockolate?


Phoebe’s death car

And of course, the much anticipated Monica’s apartment! (Some of the photos are blurry because the guy taking them wasn’t so great at taking photos).

Just in case you were wondering, yes I was actively trying to look like Rachel Green.

I did enjoy the event, and I even bought a Central Perk sweatshirt – if you’re a big Friends fan like me then I really would recommend going, there was also the Diner, and a silent disco if that’s your thing.


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