Brow Power! Benefit Gimme Brow Review + Swatch (Shade 03 Medium)

After years of using brow pencils and cringing from those irreversible moments where I overdrew my eyebrows, I thought I definitely needed a change. In the height of the “instagram brow” I want to opt for something more natural which enhances what I already have (which granted is not so much).

My hair colour is a sort of bronde colour which gets lighter in the summer and has natural highlights. Shade 3 suits me perfectly, so judging from my swatches you can establish if the shade will suit you or not.

The sales assistant at the Benefits counter applied the product from the tail to the from of my brow, brushing against the grain, then brushing the hairs down. She said she did this in increase volume in the brows so the product really gets in there.

That method didn’t work for my so much, I found the product got everywhere and needed a lot of cleanup. However, perhaps this is because my brows are very thin?

Overall, I love this product, and I think it’s so fool-proof. It’s great at stopping me from over;drawing my eyebrows and them regretting for the rest of the day. I’m not saying the “instagram brow” doesn’t look great, however it just doesn’t look great on me.


My natural brows with no product :O


All Gimme Brow’d up



On fleek


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