The Oily Diaries: Pores No More Dr Brandt Primer Review + Swatches (Try On)

Whilst spending copious amounts of money on BeautyBay, I received this sample along with my order. On BeautyBay you get to choose what samples you get, and this looked wonderful for my oily as heck skin.

This product has 4 out 5 star reviews on BeautyBay – in fact it’s a bestseller! So it must work right?

The product claims that it:

  • minimises pores;
  •  absorbs oil;
  • mattifies skin;
  • regulates oil production; and
  • tea tree properties have antibacterial properties.

This all sounded great to me especially since I suffer from acne, and the tea tree oil would do wonders for this.

So let’s see how well it worked on controlling my oil production…

For starters, the below is my base:

My journey from AM-PM: (click on photos for time stamp)

My final thoughts are that this product does NOT work for my skin-type. If you are like me: oily beyond repair, then please do not waste your money on this product.

Yes, it has a lovely whipped mousse texture, and smells fresh, but I was oily within 4 hours of wear. However after the last two photos I used two oil blotting sheets and they were transparent afterwards. Photos were not taken as the scene was not pretty.

Verdict? Would definitely not invest in a full size tube.


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