Purederm Botanical Choice Exfoliating Foot Mask: My foot peel experiment

***WARNING! This article may contain graphic images***

So, I’m sure that many of you has seen the Baby Foot craze sweep over Buzzfeed and Refinery29, and YouTube. However, when making a pit stop at my favourite TK Maxx store, I found this beauty.

This came in a pack of two and was sold for £7.99 (which is a whole lot cheaper than Baby Foot!).

I was so excited to test this out, because this girl has some dry feet!

So, the instructions were very simple, there were these plastic bags in the packet where you snip against the dotted line and slip your feet in! Like chemical peel slippers? And you are instructed to keep these on for 40-60 minutes.

I kept these on for 60 minutes, the bags felt dry at first but after some time the bags started getting a lot more liquidy. Towards the end my feet started to feel really cold and a little bit numb?! Luckily bubthe next day that numb feeling faded…

My numb feet post-treatment.

Now, the package says that you should see peeling and results after 7-10 days. If you’re feeling rave, I’ve put a photo gallery below with my experience:

Overall, it didn’t work as well as the Baby Foot reviews that I’ve seen circulating the internet. My feet are noticeably smoother, however, the tough skin o the balls of my feet and the end of my toes is  still there, and after the 10th day I was just left with dry flaky feet.

It’s a thumbs down from me! 😖👎🏼


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