Fall Bronze? A review and swatch of Cargo Bronzer in Medium

Okay, so there is an interesting story behind this purchase. I was in my local TK Maxx (yet again), and I found this unscathed Cargo bronzer without a price tag. So, I decided to take this to the till, the sales assistant tilted their head to the side with confusion whilst checking the product and told me to hold on. They went to the makeup section and just picked up a regular blusher and apologetically asked “are you okay with paying £3.99 for this?” , “OF COURSE!!!!” I thought. I nodded and agreed the offer, knowing full well I’d made one hell of a save.


Thoughts? I love it – it’s totally fool-proof! It’s really tough to go overboard with this, and it just blends in so seamlessly. Despite this having shimmer, it is not obnoxious at all, you will not turn into a bronze disco ball – rather a bronze glowing goddess.

Another thing I noticed was that this product is not powdery at all. It will not go all over your clothes or vanity – the only place this baby is going is on your face.

Would I recommend this? Of course, I think that this is great value for money – at full price of course. This product roughly retails at £19.00 and for the way that it performs it is totally worth it. And you know what? It’s long lasting also! Check the photos out below if you don’t believe me…


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