Paul and Joe 20th Anniversary Collection A: Review & Swatches

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I freakin’ love Paul and Joe beauty products, and they came out with this super cute anniversary collection! Stay tuned below to see how great these products really are.item_picIn this collection you receive:

  1. Folding cat shopper bag;
  2. Makeup bag;
  3. Coin purse;
  4. Lipstick;
  5. Blusher;
  6. Face powder.




For me, P&J lipsticks are always a 10/10 – they’re super moisturizing, sheer to medium pigmentation and glide on so easily. The formula just makes your lips look and feel juicy.

In the buller this looks like a bright orange shade, but when you put this on it’s more of a muted bright peach (if that is even possible?!) – it’s beautiful – happy for it to take my money.


The P&J website describes this as a sheer face colour, and that is exactly what it is. Be warned though, contrary to the pan, there is no visible shimmer when applied to the face.

Regardless of this fact, I’m a big fan of this blush – especially for us pale girls. When you’re very fair your skin can’t hold that kind of pigment without it looking over-board, so this is a great middle ground.

My only gripe is that because the pan is so small, it’s more challenging to get even cover on your blush brush.

Face powder

Uh-oh, this is where it goes down hill.

I have very very oily skin (as detailed here) and P&J face powder is formulated for those of your with normal/dry skin types. It takes A LOT of powder for my to just set my makeup after application, however this does not hold throughout the day, and I end up becoming very, very oily.

The powder feels very talc-y and is extremely visible – I’m not quite sure who this would actually look good on… Someone whom perhaps doesn’t need powder?



I don’t even care. It’s worth it. I love it.








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