YumeTwins July Box: Review and Unboxing!

I LOVE anything cutesy, Sanrio related, or any cute Japanese mascots such as Shin Chan, Rilakumma, San-x etc etc… Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to subscribe to a kawaii box to receive random assortments of cute stuff that I probably don’t need.

I found YumeTwins because it was the only kawaii box with Japanese goods that provides free shipping to the UK; I found that a majority of these subscription boxes do cater to the US. YumeTwins also often has $5 off promo codes, and that is what lured me into ordering a box!

I initially ordered a box a while ago and I wasn’t impressed, I was expecting more items that you could actually use or have as homewares. I follow YumeTwins on Facebook and found that the monthly boxes were containing more items that I would have preferred, and would expect in a subscription box, so I decided to re-order a box with a $5 off code.


However, because I already have an account, I thought to keep track of my subscription (i.e. cancelling the subscription, delivery etc) I clicked the reactivate button. This was the WRONG move and this meant that another box was automatically delivered to be and I was instantly charged for another box.

In this exact moment I emailed the YumeTwins team, but they did not provide any help and did not cancel this subscription, but you can cancel standing order payments on paypal, so this is what I did, though I still had two boxes coming to me. So please take this as a cautionary tale!


Both boxes had the same items in them, apart from the tsum tsum plushies, where one box had a Donald Duck and the other a Winnie the Pooh – how adorable are they?


This lil baby is so super cute, and so super squishy. There’s not much else to say here, it’s just hard not to love this guy.


We then have a cute packet of French-themed plasters, because why have a plain old plaster from the pharmacy, when you can show your appreciation of France when you’re in pain?


This was by far my favourite item in the box, and I now have two. You can bet that I am definitely going to be travelling with My Melody. 1. You’ve got your toothpaste (practical); 2. You’ve got a foldable toothbrush (again, practical); 3. You are going to look cute as pie using this. Win.




Finished product!

These are so fun to do! They’re mystery rement boxes with various different Sanrio characters, the characters I recieved are Keropi and the little twin stars. Whilst opening this up and assembling it, it reminded me of RRcherrypie from YouTube, so I thought, why not film my other unboxing?


A set of Sailor Moon playing cards, which is great because I don’t actually have a set of playing cards.

So there you go, June’s YumeTwin’s box! I have cancelled my subscription for the newest subscription box, but I am super happy with what I have received in this box. Perhaps I may reignite my subscription once again! The only thing that has turned me off is the customer service, but other than that I have really enjoyed this box.




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