My roaccutane journey: Updated skincare ritual

Hi, so, if you’ve been reading my blog you probably already know that I’ve recently started my journey on roaccutane. So far, I’m at the end of my second month.

In my previous blog post looking into the effects of one months treatment, I discovered that I was in major need of a skincare overhaul. A huge mistake that I made was continuing my existing skincare routine which revolved around my incredibly oily skin. This was not a good idea.



After only four days of roaccutane I really noticed it’s main side effect: dry skin. I had applied my makeup ok the usual fashion: (1) mattifying primer; (2) Estée Lauder Double Wear Full Camoflage foundation; (3) Copious amounts of setting powder; and (4) a ton of L’Oréal infallible fixing mist. As the day went on my face felt so dry and tight, I became increasily aware of any facial movement. It was as if my skin was desperately trying to soak in as much moisture from the products I had initially applied, but it was suffocating from all of the oil preventative measures I usually apply. This was so strange. I am usually a geeaseball despite these attempts.

Not only was my makeup affected, but the general state of my skin was as well, with severe dry patches forming, pictures can be found here on my previous blog post.

So, what did I do? In an 80s montage-esque way, I got ready, took the bus to Oxford circuis Togo to the nice big Boots – the one with all the floors to fix. my. face.


I focused on a brand which caters to all skin types, but does an exceptional job with sensitive skin. Years ago when I saw a dermatologist for the first time, the brand that she swore by is Avene – she boasted that French skincare can be both affordable and very affective.

Before I delve into what I bought, I will give you a peak into what my previous skincare regime looked like, the main components being The Body Shop seaweed cleanser and The Body Shop seaweed mattifying oil control lotion SPF 15.

What had to change is the cleaner I was using and the moisturiser that I was using. These products are both targeted to people with oily skin, and the cleanser stripped my skin of its oils far too much to the point where my skin was not able to compensate for this loss of oil. Whereas before, this was definitely a ride or die item – I 100% reccommend this to you if you suffer from very oily skin and blemish-prone skin.

Now! Onto my new skin care regime:


  1. Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser;*
  2. Lush Eau Roma Water Toner;
  3. Avene Skin Recovery Cream;*
  4. Avene Hydrance Optimale UV Light SPF 20;*
  5. YU.BE Moisturising Skin Cream;*
  6. The Ordinary Azeliac Acid Suspension;
  7. The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%;
  8. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG;
  9. The OrdinaryAHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution;
  10. The Ordinary Niamcide 10% + Zinc 1%;
  11. Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

*Anything with this symbol are the items that changed from my original regime

The Avene items that I recently bought to deal with my dry skin have been such a saviour, especially the milk cleanser which does not leave your skin feeling dry or tight after washing, your skin feels soothed and moisturised.

Another staple item that you will want in your arsenal is the Avene recovery cream – this will just melt away all those dry and flaky patches and it just feels so good and soothing on the skin, and you really see the difference the next day – I use this day and night; though at night I really slather it on. Where I’ve had stubborn dry patches, I have added the YU.BE moisturising cream over the dry patch for fast-acting releif. YU.BE will remind you of lanolin oil, but it just doesn’t clog anything up and break you out.

Of course, as you probably already know, on roaccutane your skin becomes dryer and more sensitive to UV radiation meaning that piling on the SPF is key! The Avene hydrance optimale is great for every skin type – especially oily because it’s thin, and dries down very quickly meaning that it doesn’t leave that oily residue  like regular sunscreen products. I can’t wear this on its own during the day, however I just layer the Avene recovery cream over it and I am good to go!

Whilst I have listed some extra treatments in my skin care regime, the number one skin saviour that I can always rely on to just reverse anything bad happening to my skin are sheet masks. Whilst my blemishes don’t vanish, they make my skin appear healthy, glowing, and brighter.

Here are a few of my favourites which I know you will love – even if you have oily skin!

IMG_9109 (2)

From left to right :

  • My Scheming Mint Collagen Smoothing Mask – great for both oily and dry skin, I really find that this has an instant effect on the face eliminating any dry patches and giving you an incredible glow;
  • Berrisom Water Bomb Jelly Mask – great for dry skin which needs a pick me up. The essence with this mask dries super quick and really sinks in, so if you have super dry skin I definitely reccoment applying a moisturiser once this sinks in. ALSO! This has a crazy amount of essence so you can use the essence on its own for about 4 days worth of moisture \(^o^)/;
  • The Creme Shop Neroli Oil – I find this works best for acne skin, and if used consistency the skin looks happier and less sore;
  • The Creme Shop Vitamin C – This mask is great to give you an overnight glow and really soothe your skin. Out of the bunch I reach for this one the least but it’s a great all-rounder – I don’t think it does anything that it claims (combatting sun damage, collagen production).

With this new routine I have officially said bye bye to dry skin!




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